Inspired by the goddess of Wisdom & Intellect herself, we strive to represent the best interests of all creative innovations of our clients through the collective knowledge and experience of our team of consultants to provide you with the best chance for success in the battle to secure your intellectual property.

Much like our namesake goddess, we are prepared to ensure the protection of our client’s assets through clear and precise strategy.

Jacqueline is someone who has incredible attention to detail, something that is required when navigating through the minefield of patents and intellectual property. I cannot recommend Jacqueline enough for her patience and guidance in our patent applications, she was on hand on all hours of the day and amazed me on her co-operation and can-do attitude.

Toothfairy App – winner of “app of the year UK”

I’ve had the courtesy of working with Jackie when she helped establish our IP strategy for SPRYNG. From the initial stages where we looked at the patentability for our technology, to doing freedom to operate searches and the eventual filing of a patent, Jackie played an instrumental role. She was very well versed with the intellectual property requirements in the United States, Europe and Asia.

Heshika Deegahawathura
CEO Spryng by MAS

Before i met Jacqueline i had no idea about IP, how it works, costs etc.. Jacqueline was super helpful and patient in explaining the whole process. Especially help with patentability search which helped us better understand our competitive landscape worldwide. I really enjoyed working with Jacqueline and will recommend her for any startup thinking of filing for a patent or even to understand more about the process.

Ismail sadurdeen
CEO at Univiser

Jacqueline is well-versed with the Intellectual Property law and the related processes in multiple territories including US and EU. And she would be the ideal candidate to act as the perfect bridge between the business needs of a corporate and the intellectual property requirements surrounding them. She was instrumental with several very successful IP application filings and elevating them to possible grant status within admirable timelines, and acted as a vital conduit in managing the technical aspects of intellectual property for the organization connecting with both business and technical teams.

Janith Dushyanth
Tech lead - Femtech at MAS

Recently, I required few of my brands to be trademarked on an urgent basis. Jacqueline was very quick and prompt to act on the matter. Throughout the entire process I felt that she was very flexible and easy to work with.

Ahilesh Ashokan
Director – Aesdan Pty Ltd

Who we are and
what we do

We are JP Minerva, a team of highly diversified consultants that bring their collective depth of knowledge to tackle the challenges of intellectual property law to provide our clients with the breakthroughs they need to ensure their business success.

By mobilising our services to provide you with specialised assistance, we ensure you have the best prospect of securing your patent, trademark or design rights in a fiercely competitive and innovative market space!

Our ultimate mission is to construct compelling and thorough filings & unique stratagems to ensure the realization of our client’s vision.

Our Work

Our clientele ranges from ground-breaking start-ups disrupting current market trends to vast multi-million-dollar conglomerates that depend on JP Minerva as a trusted entity to manage all work related to Intellectual Property.

JP Minerva is consistently pressing forward with the numerous filings of Utility Patents, Design Patents, Trademarks and so much more on behalf of our esteemed clients throughout the globe, at the highest level.

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