Inspired by the goddess of Wisdom & Intellect herself, we strive to represent the best interests of all creative innovations of our clients through the collective knowledge and experience of our team of consultants to provide you with the best chance for success in the battle to secure your intellectual property.

Much like our namesake goddess, we are prepared to ensure the protection of our client’s assets through clear and precise strategy.

Current Sectors


We strive to ensure the integrity of our client’s intellectual property with our keen understanding of the first principles behind engineering innovations from engines, to meters and materials. Our consultants pay close attention to ensure that every aspect of your idea is protected at all times, ensuring that you can look forward to a safe and secure future!

We believe your innovative ideas may hold the key to bringing about the change we need in the world, and that belief is what drives us to provide our clients with the best possible guidance at all times by maintaining a close collaboration with our clients and ensuring that they receive a seamless service.


The key to the most effective formula when dealing with projects in this niche is a vast knowledge base developed through practical experience along with the advanced academic knowledge of our team.

This allows us to confidently navigate through challenges that arise when hoping to scale up into the industrial level as well as when hoping to achieve smaller market penetration.

We pride ourselves in paying close attention to the needs of our customers and ensuring that whether there is a process to be protected regarding an improved polymer to an agrochemical innovation, we can provide you with the support you need and compound your business progress.


The right partnership can mean the difference between business success and failure, particularly in a dynamic and diverse field where there is a huge need for strategies that enable IP to be ready for the market, to keep abreast the waves of innovation and competition appearing every day.

Whether we are engaged in the realms of Artificial Intelligence, Software Development, FinTech or even the Apparel sector, we believe that there is an imperative need to emphasize on the growing demand in these sectors and the heavy need for the protection of any concepts that may arise on a day to day basis within Sri Lanka.

Understanding this, as each realm undergoes this rapid transformation, with the discovery of new applications of materials in the Apparel sector to developments in Blockchain technology in the Fintech sector, we ensure that all your bases are covered to ensure maximum protection for your intellectual property.

Being actively engaged with our clients through all stages of their business development is only possible with the expertise we bring from our numerous engagements with start-ups to major corporations looking to ensure a first to market advantage at all times.

Security of the IP is what we ensure, while also consulting with clients to ensure that the strategy and positioning of the IP are secured as well, and this is only possible with our ability to build a confident relationship with our client and our tech-savvy expertise brought on through years of experience.


Ensuring that you have a trademark that can bear the scrutiny of competitors at all points and contexts is something that requires true grit, attention and experience as we consistently showcase to our clients through all stages of their product life cycles, whether it is a small scale entrepreneur to a large multinational.

Our portfolio of success stories allows us the right perspective to craft a trademark that compliments the best personality profile for your business and its values. Our vision is to ensure that nothing may infringe upon this valuable asset allowing you the confidence to move forward in business with ease.

Life Sciences

We aim to be your side through every hurdle and obstacle, to be there when you need a breakthrough, so that we may provide you with the support you need.

When innovating in the life sciences the challenges are innumerable for a cause so profound and valuable. We understand this, and we have the experience and the tools to ensure that you will have the ability to rest assured that the patent drafting and filing strategies will provide you with the security your idea and your future needs.


In the specific arena of agriculture, the new technologies that are dawning on society to help battle the upcoming trials of efficient farming for a society that is rapidly outgrowing the capacity of the Earth pose a great challenge but also immense growth potential!

The edge you gain by investing in the proper security of your ideas will pay dividends to both the innovators and with these benefits trickling down for the betterment of every facet of this industry.

It is now more important than ever before to ensure that every innovation in this field is protected, given the rapidly dwindling resources and overall scarcity that is making this market so competitive and vital.