Inspired by the goddess of Wisdom & Intellect herself, we strive to represent the best interests of all creative innovations of our clients through the collective knowledge and experience of our team of consultants to provide you with the best chance for success in the battle to secure your intellectual property.

Much like our namesake goddess, we are prepared to ensure the protection of our client’s assets through clear and precise strategy.


Coordinating with many localities, we confidently break barriers globally from the United Kingdom to Singapore delivering results by going that extra mile.

Jacqueline Perera
Founder & Managing Partner

We continuously strive to strengthen and empower our customers through our service suite of impeccable strategy, refined search processes, precise prosecution as well as our clinical approach to commercial services.

Jacqueline Perera
Founder & Managing Partner


The age-old adage, ‘Failing to plan is planning to fail’, could not be truer in the realm of intellectual property protection. The most crucial part of the process is creating a plan that ties all the loose ends and vulnerabilities to ensure that your idea, whether you are a small start-up with a good idea or a large corporation on their 10th product, securing against exploitation and maximising commercial potential all comes down to a well thought out strategy.


Clear communication and drafting are the core for all effective prosecution and when integrated with our network of unparalleled partners operating across the globe, we can provide our clients with an exceptional level of service and success that helps develop long-standing relationships. We pride ourselves in our propensity to exceed expectations at all times through our deep investment in the betterment of our client and the achievement of their vision for their intellectual property.

Commercial Services

Ensuring the effective execution of a go-to-market strategy for any business or product relies heavily on the strength, integrity and practicality of contracts and agreements between any parties involved.

We bring to the table a highly proficient team of dedicated consultants that specialise in the overall handling of initial Business Registration, Non-Disclosure Agreements, Employment Contracts to Licensing Agreements that are highly sought after by companies that are driven by their innovative technologies.

We aim to provide them with an overall sense of security and peace of mind when engaging in transactions of any kind and during any discussion that entails the disclosure of confidential or proprietary information.

Whether this is with a new distribution partner or vital raw material provider, we coordinate with our consultants to provide you that essential ability to negotiate with external entities with confidence and poise, allowing you to hold your ground should any enforcements or exits be required.

Never fear the steps you need to take to protect and grow your business, we at JP Minerva will always be by your side.